Upcoming Events/ Community Outreach

October 30: Trunk or Treat in Downtown Caldwell

The Caldwell Brethren Church will be participating in the annual Caldwellian Trunk or Treat! The time is yet to be determined, but we’re thinking we will need to be there around 5:00ish to set up. Church members are asked to bring bag(s) of candy to help our church maintain community involvement! More info forthcoming!

Tuesdays; 6:30 p.m. 8:00 p.m.

This is a 12 session study on Max Lucado’s Life Lessons fro Acts. It will be group sessions consisting of prayer and discussion of the Bible study — no video component. Each lesson has the following sections: Key Scripture Verse, Reflection, Situation, Observation, Exploration, Inspiration, Reaction, Life Lessons, Devotion, and Journaling. Cost of the Bible Study book is $9.00!

Key Themes: the foundations of the early church were established in the aftemath of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension; the Holy Spirit empowered the disciples to spread the gospel into the world as Jesus commanded; the first struggle of the gospel was to stand independently of Jewish tradition and faith; the scacrifice Jesus made was for all people.

Interested? Email your name, telephone number, and any questions to Pastor Vanessa at: lifeatcbc@protonmail.com

Make checks for the study book fee of $9 payable to Caldwell Brethren Church.

October 2021 Newletter/Message

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Monthly Luncheons!

Our next monthly luncheon is in November! Stop by for worship and stop by to eat! Whose going to provide us with the September Monthly Recipe? Stay Tuned!

https://lifeatcbc.org/monthly-luncheon-recipes/Click here for past recipes!

Caldwell Christians Care, Inc.

The Brethren Church supports the Local Christians Care shop on Buck Street. They have announced new hours and have posted new guidelines on what is allowed and not… Please have a look at their new flier!